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Thank you for your interest in Sound F-X Entertainment, one of Wisconsin’s premiere teams.  Since 1988, Sound F-X has been leading the way in entertainment for many occasions.  Your entertainment choice is one of the most important decisions you can make.  In this brochure, we hope to cover all the bases of who we are and what we do.  We encourage you to meet us to see if we have that chemistry you are looking for.


Sound F-X is a full-time, fully insured entertainment company.  We use only high end, professional sound & lighting, and can handle any event, large or small.  When it comes to music, we have a top-notch music library to satisfy everyone’s needs.  Our professional and experienced entertainers know how to make your school dance a fun and memorable one.



Our sound systems are comprised of high end pro audio equipment only.  Not entry level pro audio or even consumer line equipment that many other DJs use.  This enables us to give you the clearest and warmest sound possible, plus the reliability that is associated with professional audio equipment.  Our systems are made up of components such as Crest, EV, Pioneer Pro, Mackie, DBX, & Shure just to name a few.  We can handle any size venue, large or small.  And of course, you will always determine how loud you want the music to be.


Our Ultimate Lightshow, featured in the Ultimate Dance Package, will enhance the festive mood of your event and give it that extra energy that you are looking for.  The Ultimate's club style lighting system features Intelligent Lighting - lighting that gives you a multitude of looks, matched movement and color to the mood of the music, and other variables making the scheme more fully integrated with the music.  Along with the intelligent lighting, we have many other LED special effects and lasers. The Ultimate & Premium Dance Packages also includes LED up-lighting for added visual enhancement & stunning effects on walls.  The up-lighting can be custom coordinated to match your event colors.  We also have fog and haze machine to accent the lights.


Sound F-X’s music library is 100% LEGAL and based on the National Billboard Music Charts.  We’ve got the latest hits as soon as they are made available to the radio stations, as well as an extensive library of hits ranging from the past to the present.  Our library includes the latest and the best radio edits of Top 40, Dance/Techno, Rap/Hip Hop, Rock, Oldies, Country, and much more!  Our music selections for School Dances do not contain explicit lyrics.  We also accept and encourage requests.  To help us plan our part for your School Dance, music requests will be taken before the date of your dance.  This helps us better organize and get a feel for what the students would like to hear. A full catalogue of songs and artists we carry is available online at


Included with our School Dance Packages is our exclusive Video Show.  Watch and dance to your favorite clean edited Music Videos, Visual Effects & Slideshows.  We have over 16,000 music videos to choose from for the added visual effect that will make your dance unique.  The Ultimate Dance Package comes with two 42” flat screen TVs mounted on two LED up-lit 8ft vertical truss towers.  The Premium Dance Package comes with a single 42” flat screen TV mounted to 10ft overhead trussing and the Basic Dance Package comes with a single 32” flat screen TV mounted to a tripod.



We want your event to be unique and that where our Entertainers come in.  Along with a great mix of sound and light, our experienced Entertainers know how to keep your event fun and entertaining.  They act as your “Master of Ceremonies”; handling all the announcements and activities you require.  Our Entertainers enjoy getting the crowd involved.  That's what our job is!  We want your event to be the way you want it.  Your ideas will always be welcome.


  • Experienced Professional Company since 1988

  • Full-time Entertainment Company

  • Fully Insured

  • One on One Consultation for Wedding Coordination and Customization

  • Peace of Mind (Signed Contract)

  • Pro Audio & Lighting

  • Excellent Legal Music Library

  • Fun, Energetic & Experienced Entertainers

  • Formal Attired Entertainers

  • ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association) Member

  • Back Up Equipment available

  • Music Videos

  • Karaoke is available

  • Over 500 shows per year

Our mission statement is to go above and beyond to ensure that all our clients have the best experience.  We take the time to get to know our clients and what they are looking for.  The one on one attention we give our clients makes each event a success.


Thank you once again for your interest in Sound F-X Entertainment.  We look forward to meeting with you in the future.  For further information, bookings or if you would like to see us in action: 

Check availability by calling us now
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