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Sound F-X is a full-time, fully insured entertainment company.  We use only high end, professional sound & lighting, and can handle any event, large or small.  When it comes to music, we have a top notch music library to satisfy everyone’s needs.  Our professional and experienced entertainers know how to make your event a fun and memorable one. 


Since 1988, Sound F-X Entertainment has been leading the way in entertainment for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Christmas Parties and much more.  You may already be familiar with us since 80% of our bookings come to us from people who have enjoyed a friend or family members wedding or party.  Our state of the art DJ system and experienced entertainers are the single biggest reason that Sound F-X Entertainment is chosen for more performances than anyone else in the area.  We pride ourselves on listening to your needs and going above and beyond to make us the the best choice by brides for their wedding reception entertainment.



Our sound systems are comprised of high end pro audio equipment only.  Not entry level pro audio or even consumer line equipment that many other DJs use.  This enables us to give you the clearest and warmest sound possible, plus the reliability that is associated with professional audio equipment Our systems are made up of components such as LD Systems, Crest, EV, Pioneer Pro, Roland, Mackie, DBX, & Shure just to name a few.  We can handle any size venue, large or small. And of course, you will always determine how loud you want the music to be.


Our Premium Light Show is one of the most talked about features of our performance. Our lights will enhance the festive mood of your party and give it that extra energy that you are looking for. Sound F-X's Club Style lighting system features intelligent lighting (lighting that gives you a multitude of looks, matched movement and color to the mood of the music, the decor and other variables making the scheme more fully integrated with the music).  Along with the intelligent lighting, we have many other LED special effects and lasers. The Premium Light Show also includes LED up-lighting for added visual enhancement & stunning effects on walls. The up-lighting can be custom coordinated to match your wedding colors. We also have fog and haze machine to accent the lights (dependent on venue).


All of our shows include at least one Flat Screen TV.  With the Flat Screen TV(s), we display our music videos, visual graphics and, if you provide us the pictures, we can provide a slideshow.  For those who are not “big” on dancing but love music, the music videos are a great feature to keep your guests entertained. 


Sound F-X’s music library is based on the national Billboard Music charts.  We’ve got the latest hits as soon as they are made available, as well as an extensive library of hits ranging from the 1930’s to the present.  Our library includes Top 40/Pop, Rock, Country, Oldies, Dance, Metal, Alternative, Polkas, Waltzes, Traditional, Big Band/Swing and Reggae.  Other styles and artists are available upon request.  For those who just want one type of music at their wedding reception, we have the experience to do music themed events.  We also accept and encourage requests at all our shows.  A full catalog of songs and artists we carry is available online on our website.  


We want your event to be unique and that where are entertainers come in.  Along with our great sound, light and video show, our experienced entertainers know how to keep your reception fun and entertaining.  They act as “Master of Ceremonies”, handling all of the announcements, ceremonies and activities you require.   Our entertainers get the crowd involved.   That's what our job is!   We want your event to be the way you want it and like to hear any ideas you may have.


 ✔ Experienced Professional Company since 1988  

✔ Full-time Entertainment Company  

✔ Fully Insured

✔ Wedding Coordination and Customization

✔Online Planning

✔ Peace of Mind (Signed Contract)

✔ Pro Audio & Lighting

✔ Excellent Legal Music Library

✔ Fun, Energetic & Experienced Entertainers

✔ Formal Attired Entertainers

✔ American Disc Jockey Association  Member

✔ Back Up Equipment available

✔ Karaoke is available

✔ Over 500 shows per year

For those of you who are not familiar with us, we thank you for taking the time to visit our website. The information found here is designed to help you understand who we are and how we can make your event something to be remembered for all time.  It is important to have a DJ service that you can trust with your event and we believe that after you have gone through our site you will have every confidence in choosing Sound F-X Entertainment for your event. So surf our site and find out why year after year Sound F-X is recommended by and picked # 1 over everyone else in the area.


Thank you again,

 We will see you soon.


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